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Rapid Dispatch regularly transports fragile goods and these can be anything from flowers to live fish. Fragile parcels must be labelled accordingly and we will provide you with all the necessary stickers. Items which are required to be marked fragile will incur an additional £1 fee to cover the additional administration work required.

All fragile goods are transported in a separate cage within the vans to avoid damage. Although fish have been delivered in the past, we are unfortunately not able to transport any livestock. Glass items can be transported but we are unable to insure these. We would advise that you arrange your own insurance for the transport duration.

Rapid are able to provide you with Additional Liability cover at a cost of £3 per £1000 of cover for all domestic deliveries. . In order to qualify for the Liability cover you would need to also have paid the £1 for the Security service. This would just be a one off fee for any number of parcels you send at that particular time.

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